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The Riot Nerd San Diego Comic Con 2015 Top Ten

Unless you live under a rock you know that the 2015 Comic Con International just wrapped up in San Diego, California. I do, actually live under a rock, but I have a Smartphone, and this rock has excellent Wi-Fi. Here’s my 10 favorite things from the show…


Photo Credit: Marvel.com

  1. X-Film related revelations from the Fox Panel

With Marvel Studios themselves sitting SDCC out this year it was up to 20th Century Fox to bring the heat from the House of Ideas and bring it they did. Ryan Reynolds was on hand for a profanity laden introduction to the Deadpool trailer, an official (or even decent quality bootleg) version of which has sadly still not turned up online. The upcoming Fantastic Four reboot had a solid showing, Channing Tatum made an appearance with his hair all Gambit-ed up, the art at the top of the page debuted as a poster for the upcoming X-Men Apocalypse, and Hugh Jackman teased that the next Wolverine solo film would be based on the beloved Old Man Logan arc. Can Fox, Marvel and Sony make nice so we can get Jeremy Renner in old age make-up as Hawkeye to join Wolvie on his cross country road trip facing down an inbred Hulk Family and a Tyrannosaurus Venom? Don’t hold your breath, bub.


Photo Credit: MWCToys.com


  1. Mattel Thundercats

After Bandai’s awful handling of both the classic property and the doomed Cartoon Network reboot over the last few years, Mattel steps up to the plate, delivering Thundercats Figures in the mold (no pun intended) of their love-it-or-hate-it Masters of the Universe Classics line. Will these be hard-to-obtain online exclusives like those? I guess I need to fire up my credit card and prepare myself for the annoyance of Mattel’s universally hated online store.



  1. Ken in Street Fighter V

The endless rival of the eternal challenger makes his debut in the upcoming Playstation exclusive brawler. Not an earth shattering revelation here, and Ken’s new design is a tad weak in my opinion (nice hair, early 90’s Triple H), but Mr. Masters’ fiery kick intensive style looks fun as hell to play, and let’s face it, Fighting Game Fans are going to buy this thing in droves come February no matter who the hell they put in it, I know I will.


Photo Credit: MWCToys.com


  1. Sideshow 1/6th Scale Beetlejuice

In addition to their previously announced, and great looking, comic styled Wolverine and Deadpool, Sideshow also revealed a similarly awesome Punisher, and this guy, who’s definitely going to be a must buy. True the likeness isn’t quite there yet, Keaton must be a tough nut to crack, as evidenced by the Batman Returns Bruce Wayne sculpt that Hot Toys had on display, much improved from the initial prototype but still not perfect. Anyway, even if this is the exact sculpt they release, this ghost with the most will still proudly be displayed in my home.



  1. The Man in the High Castle

What if Germany and Japan won World War II? Amazon’s Ridley Scott produced adaptation of the classic Philip K. Dick novel answers the question and looks beautifully bleak and extremely faithful to the challenging source material while doing it.


Photo Credit: MWCToys.com


  1. ThreeA Spider-Man

I’ve been a huge fan of Ashley Wood’s rusty, dusty, dirty and used aesthetic ever since I discovered him on IDW’s Metal Gear Comics, and a huge supporter of his toy company ThreeA for years now. When I first heard they’d be applying his style to several Marvel characters I was ecstatic, and even though their Iron Man received some mixed reviews from the internet toy media I love the goddamned thing and am looking forward to picking up Doctor Doom and Ultron as well. Needless to say this newly unveiled, awesomely robotic Spider-Man will have a place on the shelf right next to his (some time) buddy Tony when he sees release. The only question? Traditional red and blue or badass pissed off 80’s black? If there’s an Iron Spidey in the works I might have to double dip…


Photo Credit: MWCToys.com


  1. Hot Toys Back to the Future Part II Marty McFly

The recently released BTTF 1 Marty was an easy pass for me, I was holding out for this, and here it is! I was expecting the Hoverboard, and of course the outfit and likeness look great, but officially licensing the Nikes? Finally? Bravo, Hot Toys… now where’s the Doc?




  1. The Walking Dead

Both the new spin-off Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: Original Flavor debuted trailers at SDCC. Premiering in August, Fear chronicles the beginnings of the zombie outbreak and looks much better and more interesting than I was initially expecting. Vanilla WD’s 6th season continues the unraveling of co-called “safe zone” Alexandria, with Morgan taking a leadership role and alienating the increasingly unhinged Rick. October can’t come fast enough.



  1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

As someone possessing the unpopular opinion that Man of Steel was a pretty great movie, I’m liking the way this Bat-infused follow up is shaping up as well, and happy to hear that an Affleck directed solo Bat-film will follow. Keeping a positive outlook, let’s not mention that leaked Suicide Squad trailer at all. I’ll just be over here hugging my Nicholson and Ledger Joker Figures and smashing my wife’s My So-Called Life DVDs…



  1. Hannibal

Poor, dearly departed Hannibal, you were much too beautiful to live. This trailer details the back half of the current and sadly final season, adapting Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon novel in Bryan Fuller’s typical gorgeously insane style. Fuller still insists that, despite being cancelled by NBC and turned away by most streaming service providers, Hannibal could live on as a series of films. Hope, as well as the blood of the good doctor’s victims, springs eternal.




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