Here we goooooo!

TR Hell is a staff video pick from the black depths of the abyss itself.


Hey, remember MTV2’s short-lived revival of Headbanger’s Ball in the early aughts?




Sure it wasn’t perfect, but they were trying, and I was a fan. Short-lived it was indeed though, and it wasn’t long before MTV2 stopped being even marginally cool and started being the permanent home of old Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Saved by the Bell reruns.



It was fun while it lasted though. One of my favorite videos that they used to play all the time was Satyricon’s Fuel for Hatred, from their 2002 Album “Volcano”. It was awesome to see the Norwegian Black Metal pioneers get this kind of mainstream exposure on American TV. Those early aughts sure were a crazy time, kids. Never before and never again.



Yes my favorite part is lead vocalist Satyr screaming Here we goooooo! Like a demented black metal Mario.


Satyricon are still kicking ass over a decade later. May 5th will see them release a new DVD, “Live at the Opera” on Napalm Records. Check out this exclusive preview over at Metal Injection.


-Kevin Hawkey


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