TR HELL: Lucifer – Izrael

“…to a new reality…”

There’s been a lot of digital ink spilled recently about Lucifer, the German throwback metallers led by former singer of The Oath Johanna Sadonis. Many are claiming the hype around the band and their coveted current gig opening for doom metal royalty High On Fire is undeserved, being that they have yet to release a full length record. Upon my first viewing of the band’s video for “Izrael” I was somewhat nonplussed myself, seeing Lucifer as simply a female fronted pretender to Ghost’s retro deathrock throne.

Love the back patches, guys

But then I couldn’t get the song out of my head, no matter how many times I listened to it, and I heard their previously released song “Anubis” and thought that was pretty great too.

I don’t know if I’m fully drinking the Lucifer kool aid yet, I’ll reserve final judgment until I hear the full record, but I’m definitely intrigued and as we like to say here at Riot Nerd, “cautiously optimistic”. If Lucifer I delivers I might just find myself at one of those shows a lot of bloggers don’t think the band deserves to play.


TR HELL: Lucifer - Izrael

Lucifer’s first full length record Lucifer I will be released on June 16 via Rise Above Records, and they hit Philly at the TLA on August 19th with High On Fire.

Rise Above Records


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