TR Hell Classic: Guns N’ Roses – You Could Be Mine

"I think we've seen that movie too..."

TR Hell is a staff video pick from the black depths of the abyss itself.

Terminator 2 was a big ass deal. It was the first time I can remember a summer being completely dominated by a movie. Even though I probably shouldn’t have been allowed to watch it, I was a huge fan of the first movie on VHS and can remember being extremely excited to see the sequel. I was also, for better or worse, a huge fan of Guns N’ Roses at the time, and having their contribution to the movie’s soundtrack in heavy rotation MTV only stoked the flames of my anticipation for T2.


Rumor has it that Arnold himself had the band members over for dinner at his own house to negotiate the terms of their soundtrack participation. That must’ve been a hilarious scene. The Austrian Oak even appears in the video, not just in clips from the movie but as the T-800 in all new scenes where he infiltrates a GnR show. The beginning of the video hilariously re-cuts T2’s iconic trailer, making it seem as if his mission is to hunt down the band. He assesses each member and determines Axl to be a “waste of ammo”, a rare bit of self deprivation from the notoriously “thorny” Rose. But if anybody could get him to loosen up, it was probably the future Governator.

Guns of course didn’t last much longer after the Use Your Illusion records that this track also appeared on, with Slash and a Duff forming the equally tumultuous and short lived Velvet Revolver and Axl leading a GnR-in-name-only with all new members. The Terminator franchise hasn’t fared any better, with follow ups in both film and TV coming short of T2’s excellence. July 1st sees the release of Terminator Genisys, with Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke strapping on Sarah Connor’s boots and multiple Arnolds causing time twisting havoc. Will it be “excellent” or will audiences say “Hasta la vista, baby”? We remain cautiously optimistic, after all, the future is not set, and there’s no fate but what we make for ourselves…


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