TR Hell: Behemoth – Messe Noire

I bless the world with ire and woe...

TR Hell is a staff video pick from the black depths of the abyss itself.

Riot Nerd favorites Behemoth return with another mind blowing clip from their earth shattering 2014 record, The Satanist.

Director Zev Deans brings us Messe Noire, depicting vocalist Adam “Nergal” Darski as Lucifer himself, cast out of heaven as a slave and reborn in hell as a god, against the backdrop of a stark, striking black and white HR Giger-esque biomechanical nightmare.

The slimy and pulsating Giger homage is no coincidence. This video is dedicated to the life and memory of the sorely missed surrealist pioneer.

Behemoth are currently all done with touring to support The Satanist and are on “indefinite hiatus” while Nergal works on a more low-key and acoustic leaning solo project. We’ll be looking forward to that as well as eagerly anticipating the inevitable return of the full band. Amen!


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