Suicide Squad continues to kick box office ass … so lets stop giving them our money

"Y'all jokers must be crazy."

Despite all of the negative reviews by critics and movie-goers and despite the film only being 26% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, Suicide Squad has gone on to have the biggest August opening EVER.  According to Deadline, the film finished its third week with an estimated $20.7 million. This brings the films earnings to $262 million domestically, beating the previous (and actually GOOD movie) Guardians of the Galaxy by approximately $40 million. Lets all stop giving this awful attempt at a comic book movie our money. Go watch Margot Robbie in The Wolf of Wall Street or The Big Short instead. Save your hard-earned cash on something else. Anything else. Buy me a beer.


Megan Hawkey is the co-founder of Riot-Nerd. She is a 34-year-old concert photographer. She lives in Fishtown with her supportive husband and their 2 rescued Pitbull mixes.
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