Sludge rock heroes WHORES. “play poor” on new single

‘You’re all my enemies, you’re all the same!”

Keeping with our assertion that the best way to discover awesome new bands is to show up early for the awesome bands you want to see and see if any of their openers are awesome, one of our favorite of said awesome openers was WHORES, who we crossed awesome paths with last year when they opened for the equally awesome Red Fang. After two awesome EPs the Atlanta threesome are finally set to drop an LP this fall, and from that we now have a prime example of their aforementioned awesomeness, the perfectly grimy and nihilistic hard hitter “Playing Poor”. By the way: it’s awesome. I’ll stop saying awesome now.

WHORES’ GOLD is out on 10/28, and they’ll be back at Underground Arts, again with the almighty Red Fang, on 12/2.

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