Slayer legend Dave Lombardo confirmed as drummer for Riot Fest Misfits reunion

I’ve got something to say, we hired a new drummer today…

Previously rumored but now fully confirmed by Rolling Stone, the man behind the kit at this weekend’s Misfits reunion at Riot Fest in Denver (and in Chicago on 9/16) will be none other than founding Slayer member Dave Lombardo. The great and powerful Danzig bellows: “I first met Dave back in 1988 when Danzig did four shows with Slayer in the U.S., before the first Danzig album was released. Dave is one of the best drummers around, and I can’t wait for everyone to see him pounding Misfits songs live for these special shows.”

The reunion marks the end of a long standing feud between Danzig and bassist Jerry Only, and will include his towering brother Doyle (who has toured with both Danzig and Only in the past) on guitar. These will be the first shows to feature all three founding Misfits since 1983, shortly after the release of their proto-hardcore masterpiece “Earth AD” and subsequent implosion over the darker direction Glenn wanted to go with the band, which resulted in his eventual more metal tinged follow up project Samhain.

For the past few years Glenn has “remembered Halloween” by taking his show on the road for small east coast tours in the fall, in 2014 under the Samhain banner for a 30th anniversary jaunt and last year simply as Danzig to mark the then-upcoming release of his covers record “Skeletons”. Will everyone’s favorite evil Elvis do the same this year with these old/new Misfits? We hope so.


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