Goldberg set to crush ‘em once more in WWE

Roll the dice, don’t think twice…

In the laundry list of complaints most WWE fans had about the recent dumpster fire of a Summerslam, one of the most recurring entries was the lack of any Bill Goldberg appearance on the show proper, after both “da man” himself and hated rival Brock Lesnar dropped hints in interviews leading up to the event that a confrontation was imminent, and fans even chanted Bill’s name over the disappointing end of the show as Lesnar crushed Randy Orton’s melon like The Mountain did to Oberyn Martell on Game of Thrones.

Now, sterling paragon of journalistic integrity TMZ (TMZ SPORTS no less, so you know it’s good), reports that the “wheels are in motion’ for WCW’s ersatz Stone Cold Steve Austin to make a return to WWE, despite his well-publicized hatred for the way that both Vince McMahon and HHH did business, and the fact that his last match for the company (against, you guessed it, Brock Lesnar) is considered by most fans to be one of the worst ever. Goldberg stated to the online tabloid: “Life’s too short to dwell upon past differences, I’m 49 years old and the clock’s ticking.”

If this is true it would be the second return of a classic WCW superstar spoiled by their appearance in the yearly WWE video game, which is stupid enough booking in and of itself, without even taking into consideration how much of a shit show Sting’s WWE “run” was. Still, modern WWE can’t possibly mistreat Goldberg as badly as late 90’s WCW did, ending his white hot streak in the least climactic way possible, and roping him into tie-in garbage like the “masterpiece” seen below.

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