Riot Radar: New Releases 9/14 – 9/18

“possessed of a giant phallus and an insatiable lust…”

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 Two sequels to games I’ve been meaning to get into but sadly haven’t gotten around to yet release this week with Forza Motorsport 6 (Xbox One, 59.99, 9/15), along with a sweet new blue Xbox One and Controller, and Destiny: The Taken King (Xbox One, PS4, 59.99, 9/15). Our top game pick of this or any week though is and was Behemoth beat ‘em up bonanza Castle Crashers Remastered (Xbox One), which roared back to life on 9/9. The best part? It’s absolutely free for owners of the original Xbox 360 version, but well worth the 14.99 for mace swinging, barbarian bashing, bear shitting neophytes.

 Blu Ray

“Once upon a time in the 18th century a beast lived in the woods of an aristocratic estate. And this beast, possessed of a giant phallus and an insatiable lust, set upon the beautiful young lady of the house.” If that doesn’t sound awesome to you than we can’t be friends. Polish director Walerian Borowczyk’s 70’s psychosexual mindfuck The Beast hits Blu this week, along with his Immoral Tales, featuring “cosmic fellatio, transcendental masturbation, blood-drenched lesbianism and papal incest”, just in time for the Pope’s visit later this month, or the Ghost concert, probably both.


 Lana Del Rey returns with her 3rd LP, Honeymoon, and Faith No More’s raucous co-conspirators at their spring Philly gig, Guadalajara hellraisers Le Butcherettes drop A Raw Youth.

And from the very depths of the underworld itself, thrash metal Galactus The Black Dahlia Murder rises! Tide yourself over until their show at Union Transfer on 12/15 (it’s the reason for the season) with their unprecedented 7th LP Abysmal. You better believe it’s the RIOT NERD PICK OF THE WEEK ™

 In Theatres

 As far back as Johnny Depp could remember, he always wanted to be a gangster. Or a Pirate. Maybe the Mad Hatter. Black Mass gets at least one of those things right. Looks okay. Us? We’ll take our chances with Elijah Wood starring horror/comedy throwback Cooties, in between cursing the gods that Goodnight Mommy still isn’t playing here.


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