Riot Radar: New Releases 8/31 – 9/4

“What a day, what a lovely day…”

Welcome to Riot Radar, a weekly Friday column detailing new releases in music, movies and games for the upcoming week. Questions? Comments? Criticisms? Threats to cancel or postpone this website due to the papal visit? Hit us up in the comments, via email or social media.


After the Batman: Arkham series and the Lord of the Rings themed Shadow of Mordor, WB Games tries to go for the hat trick with Mad Max (9/1, Xbox One/PS4, 59.99), another licensed open world romp based on one of their venerable film franchises. Early reaction has been decidedly mixed but I have high hopes for this one. Gamers not turned off by the once great Konami’s highly publicized draconian workplace policies or visionary director Hideo Kojima ‘s unceremonious exit from the company will be all over Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (9/1, Xbox One/PS4, 59.99). I’m holding out for the reviews myself, it’s going to take a whole hell of a lot of praise to get the bad taste of all that bad press out of my mouth.

Blu Ray

It’s been available on demand for almost a month (isn’t that annoying) but for us dorks still clinging for dear life to physical media, Mad Max: Fury Road finally drives it’s giant big rig full of spikes, traps and weapons into our living rooms, just in time for the aforementioned video game release. Fire up your home theatres for what’s still our favorite movie of the year.


We’ve previously talked about UK stoner metal stalwarts Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats’ The Night Creeper and their countrymen, NWOBHM staple Iron Maiden’s The Book of Souls, both of which drop on 9/4. Representing for the US are Florida anarcho-punk heroes Against Me!, who unleash the live record 23 Live Sex Acts. We were lucky enough to catch AM on tour last summer opening for Gaslight Anthem and were blown away by the power and poignancy behind their performance, so this album is sure to be a treat for their dedicated fan base.

In Theatres

 Critically lauded 2014 Norwegian psychosexual mindfuck Blind finally reaches US art houses in limited release.




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