Riot Radar 11/30 – 12/4

"Auf Wiedersehen…”

The Holidays are the must suicidal time of the year, so stave off the reaper for 7 more days by buying yourself some junk with the help of Riot Radar, a weekly column detailing new releases in music, movies and games for the upcoming week. Retail Therapy: It’s real and it works.



With Starfox delayed until spring and Zelda delayed indefinitely, WiiU’s last big holiday season is resting on the admittedly excellent looking shoulders of futuristic J-RPG Xenoblade Chronicles X. Can it live up to the hype?


Blu Ray

Three 2015 films we thoroughly enjoyed hit Blu Ray this week, heartbreaking documentary Amy, underrated zom-com Cooties, and brutally beautiful Austrian mindfuck Goodnight Mommy.



Speaking of mindfucks, Seattle drone metal space cadets Sunn O))) offer more dense, blackened, sonic nightmare-scapes on their 7th LP, “Kannon.



Modern film geniuses as diverse as Scorsese, Fincher and Anderson converge to pay tribute to then-up-in-coming French Director Francois Truffaut’s legendary 60’s profile of American shock master Alfred Hitchcock, and how it’s peek behind the curtain helped them shape their own unforgettable art in Hitchcock – Truffaut.

Kevin Hawkey is the co-founder, head writer and editor of Riot-Nerd. He enjoys Fighting Games, Metal, Marvel, Horror and all the weird shit in between. A lifelong Philadelphian just as comfortable in a circle pit at Underground Arts as he is drooling over the new Hot Toys figures at Brave New Worlds, Kevin’s idiosyncratic sensibility gives this site it’s unique dichotomy between “riot” and “nerd”.

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