Reviews – Hannibal: S3, E5 “Contorno”

“Spitters are quitters…”

Hannibal returns this week after being largely absent in the last episode, still playing house with Bedilia in Florence as all his enemies continue to circle him to various degrees of failure. Verger has tracked him down based on Alana’s research into his, or should I say Bedilia’s shopping habits. Mason seems to be more interested in Bloom’s one time tryst with the doctor, still verbally baiting Alana in the most vulgar way possible and failing to get a rise out of her. Inspector Pazzi gets in contact with them to obtain the price on Lecter’s head, but they insist upon a fingerprint from their quarry before they’ll cough up the $100,000 advance on the bounty of 3 million. This works out about as well as you’d expect.

Meanwhile, Will and Chiyoh board a Train from Lithuania to Italy in pursuit of the titular madman, Will hoping to find a kindred spirit in the similarly Hannibal-inflicted Chiyoh finds Lecter has run perhaps a bit too deep into her veins when she lures him to the back of the car in the middle of the night to throw him off the end of it. He awakens, seemingly hours later, dazed and broken, joined only by the moonlight and a presumably imaginary stag, which he follows down the track and into darkness.

Reviews – Hannibal: S3, E5 “Contorno”

The best worst character on TV.

Pazzi meets with Hannibal, playing into the charade, addressing him as “Dr. Fell”, but these men clearly have history. Lecter taunts the Inspector with stories of Pazzi’s grim and checkered family history, but he doesn’t respond with hostility, not yet. When he returns to obtain Verger’s requested fingerprint he brings a Trojan horse in the form of a skull bridle used on his ancestor. Hannibal smartly dons gloves before he handles the artifact and Pazzi instead sets his sights on the carving knife Lecter was previously using to eat fruit, but Hannibal emerges with a chloroform soaked rag, and Pazzi is taken prisoner.

Lecter toys with the Inspector for a bit before slaying him as his ancestors had been before him, hanged from a window with his bowels on the outside. Jack arrives on the scene too late to save his new Italian friend but just in time to give Hannibal a beat down of They Live/The Godfather proportions. Lecter’s repeatedly thrown through class cases, punched and even stabbed through the leg with a steel hook, but Crawford fails to seal the deal, Lecter, clever as always, uses Pazzi’s body to climb down to the releative safety of the street as Jack looks on, having won the battle but still lost the war.

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