Review – WWE Money in the Bank 2015

Night of a million bullshit finishes.

I hate to be one of those internet guys that just complains about everything regarding WWE booking but last night’s WWE Money in the Bank show kinda leaves me no choice. There were three main matches that I was looking forward to last night, the actual Money in the Bank match itself, Kevin Owens and John Cena’s rematch from Elimination Chamber, and the world title match between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, and each of those matches, despite some excellent and creative athleticism on display from the participants, all ended in ways that just leave me dumbfounded as to the creative direction of this company.

Even the matches I wasn’t particularly interested in concluded oddly, with the Intercontinental Title match between Ryback and The Big Show ending in a disqualification following interference from The Miz (grrrrrrroan) and the Bella Twins’ tired old “we’re only identical to WWE referees, apparently” routine ruining an otherwise respectable (for WWE, this ain’t NXT after all) Divas championship defense against Paige. The only match that actually had a clean finish was the Tag Title bout between New Day and the Prime Time Players, which saw PTP land a well deserved victory over ND, probably only because Kofi Kingston was too beat up from the MITB match to interfere.

Speaking of the MITB match, Roman Reigns had it all but won until Bray Wyatt interfered and took him down with Sister Abigail. For, uh… some reason. As a result we now have Sheamus as a number one contender. Not Neville, who was probably the one who deserves the push the most, but Sheamus, who’s currently enjoying probably the most pointless heel push in WWE/F history. Maybe he’ll join the alliance and Rollins will turn face. Something at least somewhat interesting has to come of this. The night’s other big head scratcher was in the main event. After a brutal match of ladder and chair warfare not seen since the Attitude Era Dean Ambrose reached the World Title Belt held high above the ring and fell down holding it. Then he dropped it and Seth Rollins picked it up, so Rollins is still the champ. Uh, what?! Was this just a botched finish or was this actually what was supposed to happen? I’d be interested to find out.

The biggest pooch screw clusterfuck of the night had to be the ongoing saga of Cena and Owens. Their confrontation at Elimination Chamber two weeks ago was the best thing about that show and tonight’s follow up was just a head scratcher. Again, another great match, beautiful work from both men here aside from Cena’s botched stunner at the very end. But where do we go from here? Cena putting Owens over clean again would’ve helped KO’s character grow and move on but here things just become stagnant and muddled. Will it be Cena/Owens 3 at Battleground in a month? Diminishing returns in the world of WWE are nothing new but creative really had lightning in a bottle with this one and is squandering all the good will engendered by initially putting Owens over Cena as fast as they can.

Hopefully they can spin this, and all the weird decision making last night on Raw to make these storylines somewhat more palatable going forward, and the imminent return of Brock Lesnar certainly can’t hurt things, at least as far as the world title landscape goes. As awesome as it would’ve been to see Ambrose win the strap clean last night you know that the Beast is going right after that world championship upon his return and it’ll be all the more satisfying to see him get it from Rollins, the one who stole it from him in the first place.

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