Review – WWE Battleground 2015

For whom the bell tolls…


I could just write that and it would pretty much sum everything up. You can say what you want about the aging dead man but nobody brings a presence quite like his, and even though I was loving Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins’ trip to “Suplex City” and damn near taking his World Championship Title along for the ride, I have to admit I marked out hard as hell for “Mean Mark” and the great looking pair of chokeslams and tombstones he delivered to the Beast.

The other big story of the night was the Divas Revolution, a triple threat match was announced at the last minute featuring a member from each of the new teams. Charlotte represented her, Paige and Becky Lynch and Brie fought for the Bellas and Alicia Fox. Sasha Banks was the pick from the newly re-christened Team BAD, Beautiful and Dangerous. The name makes perfect sense, y’see, as Sasha is beautiful, Tamina is dangerous and Naomi… uh… Naomi has cool shoes, so she can hang out, I guess. The match itself was awesome, inspiring several chants to that affect from the totally engaged audience. Sasha and Charlotte showed off the chemistry they fostered during their many NXT rivalries and Brie didn’t look half bad either, though the chorus of boos that accompanied every move she attempted would have you think otherwise. In the end it was Charlotte who got the win with the figure eight. Smart booking on WWE’s part, putting over one of the NXT transplants to keep the positive momentum for the Revolution going. Rumor has it that this angle is Hunter and Stephanie’s baby, with Vince being very hands-off, and so far it shows.

John Cena defeated Kevin Owens in their 3rd straight PPV meeting, another great effort from these two, maybe the best yet, though I question the decision to not put the strap on Owens at this point. Cena in the underdog role would freshen this angle a bit at this point if they plan on keeping it going. After a hard fought brawl Bray Wyatt gained a victory over Roman Reigns with the help of newly re-indoctrinated ‘family” member Luke Harper. The Prime Time Players retained their Tag Team Belts over New Day and Randy Orton pinned Sheamus in the show opener.

Just five weeks until Summerslam where surely the Undertaker will face Brock Lesnar as (admittedly late) revenge for the Beast “beating the streak” and Sting is rumored to return and insert himself into the Reigns/Wyatt feud, proving that maybe a “bat” was what the “shield” needed all along. See you then!


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