Review: Woundvac – Infamy

“Take your filth, name your price, embrace it and make it mine…”

Arizona is quickly becoming one of the most exciting epicenters of heavy music in the country, as previously detailed in our reviews for desert dwelling recent favorites Gatecreeper and Take Over And Destroy. Today’s subject also further displays the diversity prevalent in the thriving AZ scene, as Phoenix’s Woundvac sees GC’s brutal deathgrind and TOAD’s horror tinged doomgoth and raises them a blistering, crusty take on fast paced, thrash influenced hardcore.

That speed serves Woundvac extremely well on new EP “Infamy”, with a madcap, breakneck punk energy that almost never lets up throughout its seven tracks. Slowing down periodically just makes the beating the listener takes even more intense, as on the pit ready breakdown and dissonant guitar harmonizing that close out “A Remedy So Vile”.

“Eternal Betrayer” buzzes with riff gymnastics following a whole runaway train of grueling blastbeats, hardcore breakdowns and thrashing whirlwinds of 80’s influenced pain, making it the record’s standout, though the head snapping sonic onslaught and breathless madman tirade of follow up “Bringers of Carrion” comes close. The relatively short song lengths that are a hallmark of modern grind are here but each song coalesces into a satisfying and memorable whole before signing off.

Anybody can be fast and heavy, but catchy is the real trick, and it’s a trick that Woundvac have no problem pulling off. By the time their cover of Pantera’s immortal “Suicide Note Pt. 2” blasts in to yank down the curtain on “Infamy”, I was hailing Woundvac as the heir apparent to that thoroughly aggressive, punk minded and hardcore influenced American thrash dynasty.

Infamy” is available now.



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