Review: Weltesser – Crestfallen

The noise crust/sludge doom hybrid I never knew I needed.

Weltesser’s noisy, feedback laden crunch acquits itself well on “Regret”, the opener of their new LP “Crestfallen”. With noisy grind credentials firmly in place you begin to brace yourself for the blastbeats and thrashy, breakneck pace of your typical crust punk record. Weltesser isn’t letting you off that easy though, they slow things down to molasses: agonizingly, unrepentantly so, to a point where the lumbering gait of their signature sound becomes an apparition unto itself, haunting and stalking these six tracks like a caged beast.

The approach is plenty dirty, though anything but quick. You’re going to feel every last pummeling strike of the attack, and enjoy every minute of it. The slowcore-ish mission statement doesn’t make these songs boring in the least though, as clever (though obviously subtle), aberrant tempo changes and catchy hooks dominate the compositions, with the buzzsaw low end of Ian Hronek creating the foundation for Nate Peterson’s abused howl, perfectly layered in the dissonant mix of his thunderous chords and Mike Amador’s tribal, cataclysmic pounding.

The operatic, catastrophic nature of the songwriting here carries “Crestfallen” even further than the band’s skillful musicianship and crafty genre chemistry though, with true epics on display here like “Living To Try”, and “Rats”, and the genuinely claustrophobic and terrifying “Terminal”. A doom record needs to give you that overwhelming, smothering “pit in your stomach” feeling and “Crestfallen” does that and more, blending the expertise of latter day sludge heroes EyeHateGod and Today Is The Day with the abrasive sonic experimentation of grind mastermind Scott Hull, and coming away with something daresay even more compelling than last year’s excellent doom tinged Agoraphobic Nosebleed EP “Arc”. Weltesser is the noise crust/sludge doom hybrid I never knew I needed.

Crestfallen” is available now.



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