REVIEW – Unfinished Business

If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge unemployment...
Vince Vaughn returns to theaters this weekend in Unfinished Business, joined by Tom Wilkinson and Dave Franco as entrepreneurs going up against their villainous prior employer (Sienna Miller) for a deal that will finally make them profitable after a year of struggling.

Franco is the standout here as a young upstart with an absurd last name (don’t spoil it, it’s one of the movies’ biggest laughs) and his brother James’ stoner goofball charm turned up to 11. The veteran Wilkinson gets a lot of good material too, and a lot of mileage out of his character’s passive-aggressively strange sexual peccadilloes.

Sadly underutilized here is Cornetto Trilogy alum Nick Frost, who only gets a handful of good scenes as a sad sack middle manager. Miller and James Marsden also don’t get much to do, aside from standing around being attractive jerks.

Tone wavers wildly here especially the further things go on. A subplot involving the internet bullying of Vaughn’s overweight son seems to be trying to say something poignant about a hot button issue but it never satisfyingly resolves itself. It’s like the movie never really figures out whether it wants to be a heartfelt slice of life about Vaughn’s family or a workplace raunch comedy about the trio’s corporate debauchery.

In the end it’s a fun and funny movie, but it would’ve left a better overall impression if they could’ve stuck the landing. Check it out if you’re interested, but you might be better off waiting a few months for it to hit VOD.

Unfinished Business opens this Friday 3/6/15.


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