Review – The Music Box

“A new way to discover amazing music.”

Monthly subscription boxes and crates are becoming increasingly popular, and there’s little wonder why: nothing’s better than coming home from a crappy day of work to a box of fun surprises. It’s like Christmas morning every month! There are boxes for every interest imaginable and The Music Box offers some of the best bang for your buck we’ve seen, the perfect monthly treat for all music lovers. Best yet, you get to pick which genre you prefer when you sign up!


December’s Rock Music Box selections included:

Ernie Halter’s “Labor of Love”

Glamour Assassins “Ain’t So Young”

and James Rawson’s “Tristan & Isolde”

In addition to the CDs, the box was filled with stickers, download info and candy canes.

Remember those days when you’d sign up for Columbia House or BMG and you’d forget to opt out of a purchase so you’d end up with a surprise in the mail? I remember discovering some awesome music that way, and The Music Box is kinda like that but even better. We were really impressed by what they have to offer and we think you will be too.

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Megan Hawkey is the co-founder of Riot-Nerd. She is a 34-year-old concert photographer. She lives in Fishtown with her supportive husband and their 2 rescued Pitbull mixes.
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