Review – The Gallows

Saved by the Bell: The Found Footage Years

The Gallows is yet another found footage supernatural horror movie. The film is about the 20th anniversary of a tragedy that occurs at a school play when a student mysteriously dies onstage. For some reason, the school didn’t find it wildly inappropriate to continue with this production and when the lead actor gets cold feet, he is convinced by two of his friends to sneak into the school at night and dismantle the set. Once they get there, they discover the power is out, they are locked in, and ghostly kookiness ensues.

Review - The Gallows

While the trailer looks like a promising new slasher flick, it is actually a predictable, formulaic, Paranormal Activity rip off. There is nothing scary about this movie. The filmmakers rely heavily on loud noises and cheap jump scares and sadly enough about half of the audience will fall for it. This may make a great summer teen movie, but true horror fans should steer clear.

The Gallows opens everywhere this Friday, July 10th.

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