REVIEW – Star Wars Black Series Boba Fett (Prototype Armor)

He’s worth a lot to me…



1/12th scale collectors have been experiencing a bit of a renaissance lately. Between Funko’s ever improving Legacy Series, Hasbro’s nigh Toybiz level of quality and consistency in Marvel Legends and DC Direct’s wide variety of super articulated Batman offerings both comic based and animated, 6 inch figure fans have never had this many positive options on the shelves. Hasbro arguably started this trend a few years back when they announced their Star Wars Black Series. The direction was controversial both because they were seemingly abandoning the classic 3 ¾ inch scale (they didn’t) and their 6 inch Marvel output at the time left a lot to be desired (they’ve significantly improved since then).





The Black Series made its debut with a 2013 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Set of Boba Fett and Han Solo in Carbonite, which was obviously not exactly easy for most collectors to get their hands on. The same Boba appeared again in a single pack in the 2nd series of Star Wars Black and disappeared from shelves almost immediately, due to the popularity of the character and his high desirability as scalper bait. But fret not Fett fans, an unlikely ally in the form of Walgreens has you covered. Walgreens has been trying for a few years now to gain a foothold in the action figure market and has become the home of several unlikely exclusives, including entire series of Marvel Legends, Funko’s Game of Thrones figures, and the subject of today’s review.

Bobby Fetts here comes to us in the usual collector friendly Black Series window box, here with blue accents as opposed to the orange of the earlier Series’. It works well with this variant’s milky vanilla color scheme, representing an early incarnation of the character when he was meant to be a “super Stormtrooper”. Included are his rifle, pistol and jet pack. The jetpack is well sculpted and painted but the weapons are a little disappointing, just cast in black and lacking the paint accents of more high end representations, they’re a little soft and warp easily.




The figure itself is the main event, and he’s a blockbuster. Sculpting is absolutely perfect, with the internal scale being particularly impressive, even when compared to high end examples from companies like Medicom and Gentle Giant. His cape is stiff and hangs at kind of a weird angle, but it’s easy to tuck behind the jet pack. The paint is beautiful as well, with the various tones of white, gray and black picked out cleanly and consistently.

Articulation is abundant and well thought out. Many bemoaned the lack of double jointed elbows but I don’t really think they’re necessary. This is a situation where the gumminess of the rifle actually comes in handy because you can jam it in this hands and then straighten it out afterwards. The gauntlets turn independently of the wrists and elbows which is cool for rocket firing poses (the orange paint on the right gauntlet’s rocket is particularly well done). The ball jointed neck has an excellent range of motion, working for badass looking down poses as well as looking way up for flying poses, the hidden ball joint is the torso is also useful for these situations, adding a lot of personality to your posing options. Below the belt it’s the standard modern fare, particularly useful are the double jointed knees and the rocker ankles. Some complained that the pouches on the front of his belt impeded the hip articulation but I didn’t have an issue.




It’s hard not to love this guy despite his small shortcomings. Walgreens seemed to have gotten a lot of these in and if your local store is sold out he’s easy to find online for only $5 or so more than the $20 MSRP. Definitely worth it. He’d look great flanked by a few Clone or Stormtroopers, if only I could ever catch them at retail. Maybe Walgreens will get a few cases of those in too…


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