Review: Star Lord (Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2)

“Star Lord, maaan…”

Every studio wants a surprise hit. The issue then, though, comes with when said surprise hit includes massive marketing opportunities and there’s nothing on shelves to quench that thirst. Though not as much of a debacle as the original Star Wars (the success of which toy companies of the day were so unprepared for that they sold order forms to action figure hungry children that Christmas), the collectible spread for the first Guardians of the Galaxy was still rather anemic considering that anyone who saw the film came out of it ravenous to own their own Rocket and/or Groot.

Not so this time out. The press blitz for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has been inescapable and store shelves are packed to the gills with any and all of the Guardians merch one could possibly imagine. Leading the charge are Hasbro, having timely released (for a change) a new wave of Marvel Legends mixing comic and movie Guardians. Surprisingly, one of the most anticipated of these, given the strange, skinny, off model look of the original movie’s figure, has been Star Lord himself. Today we take a look at the new 6″ Peter Quill in all his glory.

Quill comes to us in the now standard ML window box, collector friendly if you’re willing to be careful opening it up. The first thing you’ll notice is the figure’s bulk, this is a toy befitting Chris Pratt’s transformation from Andy Dwyer to Star Lord, even if the facial likeness of the helmet-less head can’t quite keep up. Pratt, like fellow Space faring ne’er do well Harrison Ford must be a difficult likeness to capture because even the mighty Hot Toys failed to deliver their usual mastery with their GotG 1 Star Lord (they’ve yet to unveil their Vol. 2 model), though Hasbro here gets pretty close. From certain angles it’s decent but from others it looks more like a young Bryan Cranston.

Good thing he includes a second, helmeted head, then, and it’s fantastic. Retaining the same iconic design from the first film but with added gunmetal gray and copper accents, Hasbro has sculpted and painted it out perfectly, and both heads are even well scaled to the rest of the body, avoiding a common complaint that collectors have had with Hasbro’s ML work as of late. Quill’s pair of blasters get the same paint makeover, though they do look a tad oversized in the figure’s hands, a gripping set, which are the only ones he comes with, that also look a bit big.

Everything else on this Star Lord is executed pretty much perfectly though, with his short jacket look (something fans wanted from the Vol. 1 figure) achieved flawlessly, fabric wrinkles, realistic layering and all, with articulation thoughtfully and cleverly integrated into the design so as not to ruin the overall aesthetic. Of particular note are how his shirt collar doubles as a hidden neck joint, his boot tops doing the same for his shins, and how his ab crunch gets lost in the folds of this new printed shirt. This is great work from a mass market company like Hasbro, and it’s nice to see one of the industry’s biggest not just resting on their laurels and pumping out the same crap every year (cough, Mattel) but innovating and striving to put the best versions of these characters possible on shelves, and keeping them affordable and accessible for collectors either unwilling or unable to spring for more high end versions.

But the truth is, even if this figure sucked I probably still would’ve bought it, though I probably would’ve have been compelled to write so glowingly about it, if at all. With Vol. 2 a little over a month away, Guardians fever is at a high pitch around these parts, and that aforementioned merch shortage from the first film means I don’t have nearly enough Guardians crap lying around, so it’s time to remedy that. If you’re looking to get some retail therapy for your Guardians mania, you could do a lot worse than Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line.

Hasbro’s GotG Vol. 2 Marvel Legends are available now, the movie drops in theaters on April 5th, and don’t miss our Guardians themed Awesome Mix Dance Party at The Barbary 4/29!

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