Review – Sideshow Collectibles Deadpool Sixth Scale Figure

“Pineapple surprise!”

Much like 2014 saw Guardians of the Galaxy become the highest grossing movie of the year and transformed oddball characters Groot and Rocket Raccoon from secret nerd handshake to bedsheet and lunchbox icons, February’s release of Fox’s long awaited and by all accounts excellent looking Deadpool movie will introduce and endear another charmingly offbeat Marvel hero to those out there without closets, garages and basements full of longboxes. Hot Toys has just revealed their movie version of the merc with a mouth but if you need Wade Wilson on your shelf right now Sideshow Collectibles has the answer. They’ve recently unleashed an excellent 12” Deadpool and he’s armed to the teeth and overflowing with goofball personality.

Wade comes to us in the typical Hot Toys style shoe box, a bit narrower than usual in a slightly space saving measure. Remove the cardboard slipcover and foam inserts and you’ll realize that this Deadpool is absolutely packed with accessories. Two Desert Eagle type pistols and a giant BFG, along with his signature dual kitanas (and sheathes), two personalized grenades and a combat knife (with sheath) form his offense, while no less than 20 different small, leather like pouches can be placed anywhere you like on his uniform, along with easily removable gauntlets, greaves, outer sleeves and knee pads.

The best thing about this figure is how customizable he is. This is marketed as a comic based DP but this isn’t any particular comic, game, cartoon or movie based Deadpool, this is your Deadpool, and you can choose to load him up for total annihilation or pack him light for stealthier ops, or vice versa, and back again (see the last pic for the loadout and pose I finally decided on after a whole day of entertainingly fiddling around). The possibilities are nearly endless.




In addition to the now standard hexagonal Sideshow stand (with an rusted, industrial looking grid pattern and Marvel and Deadpool logos) and a second, squinty-eyed, more serious head, Wade gets his point across with the unique accessory of thought balloons (as in the comics, one regular white one, one yellow for his inner monologue/split personality) and stickers of several trademark phrases. These are supposed to be re-usable but be careful, I managed to rip one without much force during this shoot. Great concept, so-so execution.

On the outfit front, Wade’s trademark black and red onesie is realized flawlessly, just thick enough to not look thin and cheap, but not so thick and tight as to hinder articulation, without looking like silly, baggy pajamas. He has all the joints you’d expect from a high end sixth scale figure, perfect for acrobatic murderous ninja action, with one notable exception. Namely, the ankle joint on the Sideshow body is just as single ball as opposed to the double barbell on the vast majority of Hot Toys figures, so you don’t get much up and down or back and forth movement on the feet without them popping off of the ball. The thickness of the plastic greaves doesn’t help either. The wrists suffer no such limitation, however, whether you choose to use the outer sleeves and /or gauntlets or not, and Sideshow awesomely includes wrist pegs for each hand. Though I managed not to break any of the pegs (even though I put this guy through shooty, slashy hell), the inclusion is still much appreciated.

2016 is going to be the year of Deadpool and when it comes to merch (with a mouth) like this, smart fans should be hopping on the Wade train early. Imagine if Sideshow managed to release a 1/6th comic styled Rocket Raccoon that was packed to the gills with this many awesome display options a few months before Guardians hit theatres? I’m sure that figure would’ve been highly sought after both then, and now, especially compared to Hot Toys’ rather staid and bare bones movie based version. Don’t miss out on an awesome version of Deadpool and a great figure in general.


Sideshow’s Deadpool is available now.

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