Review: Screaming Orphans- Tap Room

“…a treat from start to finish… does not disappoint…”

Screaming Orphans are four immensely talented sisters from Donegal. They were raised on the traditional music often found in Irish homes and their musical background is astounding, having toured with great Irish acts like Sinead O’Connor and recording backing vocals for Joni Mitchell and the Chieftains (among many others). A quick visit to their website will give you their full bio, which you’ll want to check out when you’re on their site looking at upcoming tour dates anyway.

Their latest release, Tap Room, is filled to the brim with pop and Americana coated traditional-sounding tunes. Eclectic, original, and rooted come to mind when describing the Orphans. The first two tracks “Ireland’s Hour of Need” and “Home”, remind us where these four sisters came from while creating fresh sounds for listeners who may just be discovering them. They draw you in and hold on tight.

Vocals are incredibly important on Tap Room and they shine through everywhere, but especially via “Oh Shenandoah”, about halfway through the album. These girls kick-ass in a way no one else can. Eerie, soul soothing sounds quickly transfers to party-anthem singalongs as the album closes on their rendition of the Proclaimers’ “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” a live, fan favorite that we’ve all been begging them to record.

The band is a blast to see live. If you aren’t able to catch them, though, every album they create gives you a front row, intimate concert in your own home. A Screaming Orphans album is a treat from start to finish and their newest release, Tap Room, does not disappoint. This is the music you want to put on when guests come over.

“This album has a little bit of everything” is a statement I try not to use, as it’s almost always a false statement. But Screaming Orphans is an exception. Across the board, no matter what your taste in music or what genre you prefer over others, I assure you that at least one track on Tap Room will please your ears.

In one word- fun. Tap Room is a lot of fun and you’re missing out if you have yet to hear these ladies. This album, as all of their albums are, best served with a pint of whatever you prefer. So let’s grab a drink and get to dancing on some tables. Cheers!



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