Review: Ruby The Hatchet – Planetary Space Child

“Don’t I know you from another world?”

From the inky black depths of utter nothingness comes a record that lives up to both its name and its brain bending artwork. We first discovered local space cadets Ruby The Hatchet opening for UK stoner/psych stalwarts Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats a few years back and were immediately hooked on their retro ethereal metal goddess fronted stoner doom domination. Not to take anything away from their back catalog, but new LP “Planetary Space Child” ensconces the listener in the full on, organ and riff dominated 70’s inspired mindfuck that the band brings live, with pitch perfect production that puts Jillian Taylor’s haunting vocals not above or under the mix but all around it like a fog of confusion, echoing from the annals of space time itself.

The prog leaning numbers like the awesome opening title track may be the ones to get really lost in here but the straight ahead head bangers are no slouches either. No bullshit rockers “Killer” and “Gemini” scorch the earth with Owen Stewart’s driving percussion leading the charge. Personal favorite “Pagan Ritual” is a garage rock cyclone in the classic Queens of the Stone Age mold before tumbling into a psychedelic freakout that would make Santana proud, Sean Hur’s organ taking center stage. The epic “Symphony of the Night” (A Castlevania reference?) brings it all together though. Johnny Scarps’ spare, dissonant riffage a slinky, slithering passage to a rollicking space jam of untold proportions, Lake Muir’s forebodingly Sabbath-y low end and specter of doom kept just at bay as Taylor and Hur’s performances, and the band as a whole’s supremely genuine stoner doom prowess itself, spiral into infinity.

Ruby The Hatchet’s “Planetary Space Child” is available now from Tee Pee Records, and they’ll be at Johnny Brenda’s this Saturday, 9/8.


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