Review – Pro Wrestling Crate “Hardcore Legend”

In Socko we trust.

In the polarizing world of Professional Wrestling there may only be a small handful of truly universally loved figures, one of which has to be Mick Foley. The man of many gimmicks is the closest thing the squared circle has to a widely respected elder statesman on par with, say, a Stan Lee or Shigeru Miyamoto, but of course one most famous for causing himself grievous, bloody, sometimes self-inflicted bodily harm. This is wrestling, after all. It was brilliant then on the part of Pro Wrestling Crate, the new monthly subscription box headed up by the guys from Top Rope Tuesday, to team up with Foley for their inaugural offering. We just received ours yesterday and as Good Ol’ JR would say, “it’s a slobberknocker”.

Pro Wrestling Crate “Hardcore Legend”

Pro Wrestling Crate arrives in an extremely attractive and well-designed box, featuring a blue sunburst design adorned with various wrestling weapons and props. I especially enjoyed seeing Big Boss Man’s nightstick and Paul Heyman’s giant Zack Morris-style cell phone. Great attention to detail, guys. Tearing open the box reveals it’s embarrassment of wrestling riches: a poster, pin, coaster, coozie, bottle opener and two t-shirts. All items are the high quality you would expect from Top Rope Tuesday, we were especially impressed by the heavyweight metal bottle opener, sporting the hilarious “Cheap Pop” design. The Obama inspired poster (as seen above) and coozie  feature the loveable Mr. Socko and immediately got this music stuck back in my head. Thanks guys, I was meaning to buy an old N64 anyway, guess I don’t have a choice now. Finally, The Dude Love coaster is the first in a series of four that will be completed in future crates, a neat detail.

Naturally, given that this crate comes courtesy of TRT, the “main event” is the T-shirts, and they’re predictably outstanding. The black shirt features a Ramones inspired design (also repeated on the pin), with Foley’s many “Faces” listed across the circle and the eagle in the center sporting a “Mr Socko” and clutching a spiked bat. The highlight for me was the gray shirt though, representing my favorite of Mick’s “personalities”, the villainous Cactus Jack. It’s awesome to get a new design for Cactus aside from the classic “Wanted Poster”, and this one’s killer, representing an “ammo depot” from Cactus’ kayfabe hometown of “Truth or Consequences, NM” and even working in the little “bang, bang” fingers at the bottom. Awesome. Best of all, a portion of the proceeds from each month’s crate will be donated to the charity of the curator’s choice. Mick Foley, apparently a huge Tori Amos fan, has chosen RAINN.

Review – Pro Wrestling Crate “Hardcore Legend” 1

Needless to say we were incredibly happy with what Pro Wrestling Crate had to offer. For the first crate out of the gate these guys absolutely nailed it and you can only imagine that the quality and variety of the contents will get even better (not that it needs to) in the future. The Mick Foley  crate is long gone but next month’s theme is “Philadelphia Extreme” and will be curated by local legend and ECW original The Blue Meanie. Head to Pro Wrestling Crate to sign up now for yours before it’s too late, and have a nice day!

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