Review: Power Trip – Nightmare Logic

“The executioner’s here and he’s sharpening his axe!”

In sharp contrast to party metal kings Iron Reagan and hooded splatter thrashers Ghoul in the world of 80’s hardcore and thrash melding “metalpunk” are the bleak doomsayers of Texas’ Power Trip. The This is Hardcore favorites paint a pitch black canvas of apocalyptic foreboding on brand new LP “Nightmare Logic”, calling to mind similar anarcho-classics like Metallica’s “…And Justice For All” and anything Megadeth was up to in their do-no-wrong pre-“Youthanasia” period.

The “Countdown to Extinction” opens the record just as it closes, muffled bombs dropping on what one can only imagine is some doomed bunker signals “Soul Sacrifice”, an initial slow burner that blossoms into a pounding sledgehammer of punishment. Therein lies the beauty of Power Trip’s style, hardcore enough to get the straight edge youth crew kids spin kicking, with enough thrash to keep the denim vest set headbanging all night long. Truly the best of both worlds.

PT follows that up with the awesome “Executioner’s Tax”, hellishly abrasive and totally metal lyrics echoing the best of S.O.D. or old school Sepultura, again straddling that line between thrash and hardcore absolutely flawlessly. Driving title track “Nightmare Logic” boasts brain melting solo action and buzzsaw riffs, more armageddon inducing lyrics delivered in a breathless rasp, and the glorious intro to “Waiting Around To Die” takes the ominous retro vibe full circle with John Carpenter-esque synths.

2013’s “Manifest Decimation” was a very good record, and while four years to wait for a follow up can seem like forever in the world of aggressive music, consummate road dogs Power Trip lay everything they’ve learned in the ensuing period right on wax with “Nightmare Logic”, creating a follow up that was more than worth the wait, and guaranteeing a future filled with monster riffs, slamdance ready beats, and some of the best, most nightmarishly evocative lyrical nihilism in the business.

Nightmare Logic” is available now.


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