Review: The Nightmare Before Christmas: Simply Meant to Be Eyeshadow Palette.

What's this? What's this?

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, is probably the first thing you think of when you think, “Cult Classic.” The gothic film is considered a holiday film, horror film, love story and musical. It’s ability to cross genres makes it something that people all over the world can connect to. Riot Nerd’s own, Nightmare Before Christmas Dance Party has over seven thousand people interested on it’s Facebook Event Page. So it’s no surprise that Disney has continued it’s beauty industry takeover with a Hot Topic exclusive makeup collection. Though let’s be honest; The Nightmare Before Christmas and Hot Topic go together like PB&J. This exclusive makeup collection has an eyeshadow palette and a lip set with 3 lip products. I will be reviewing the eyeshadow palette.

The Simply Meant to Be eyeshadow palette contains 12 eyeshadows and retails for $16.90. (Hot Topic always has a sale and you can get it for much less. ) The palette is not currently on the site but is available at your local Hot Topic. (I got mine at Cherry Hill Mall.) The eyeshadow palette contains a mixture of mattes, satins, and glitters. The colors are mostly cool, smoky shades; with a few warm pops. Simply Meant to Be is in a coffin shape with the final scene featured on the front. Inside there is a mirror with the final words of the song on it and the palette includes a duel ended brush. The packaging alone is enough to snag up the nostalgia dollars. However it is just cardboard and you could easily pop out the eyeshadow insert and use the box for other things.


The best way to sum up the palette is half the shades are inspired by Jack and the other six are inspired by Sally. The Jack side performs a lot better than the Sally side. Bone Daddy is a very good matte black that will stain your eyes; you’ll need an oil based remover for it. Sandy Claws and Pumpkin King perform the best in the palette; What’s This take a lot of work. I do feel you could create a complete look with the Jack side.

Sally’s side is as sad as her song in the film. With the exception of Rag Doll; the other shades just don’t show up. They are patchy and need a same color cream base to work. Oogie Boogie, does work as a face highlight; it’s a light pearl color that looks great on the skin. Shock is probably the worse performing color in the entire palette.

Should you buy this palette? If you collect Disney makeup (like myself) then I would say yes; but only on sale. If you love the Nightmare Before Christmas, get it; but only on sale. If you are an avid makeup user, skip it. You probably have a go to smoky palette with better quality. I’m disappointed in this palette because Disney Hot Topic exclusives like the Stitch Palette and The Beauty & The Beast Palette were both so good! Seriously, some serious pigmentation and blendability. This just seems like an attempt to cash in on the holidays and the nostalgia.

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