Review: Necrot – Blood Offerings

Layers of darkness…

The buzz around the return of California death dealers Necrot heralded a return to old school, no nonsense death metal, calling back to the Morbid Angels, Deicides and Obituaries of the genre’s late 80’s / early 90’s golden age. “Blood Offerings” is that and more though, it’s hopeless vistas of punishing fretwork and pounding drums punctuated by a math-y technicality, compositional verisimilitude and clean, but not overly polished production that makes it’s 8 blistering tracks both a blast from the headbanging past and a savage breath of fresh air.

Heavy, groove inflected riffage and odd time signatures power opener “The Blade”, vocalist Luca Indrio’s throaty proclamations adding epic and punishing grandeur to breakneck tempo changes and a whiplashing inducing closing solo. Swirling guitar dynamics and thrashing freight train drum patterns similarly affect the monstrous “Shadows And Light”, counterpoint to the catastrophic speed picking prowess and driving grind of “Empty Hands”. “Blood Offerings” continues to surprise until its very apex, closing on the haunting, almost Queen-esque guitar harmonies of “Layers of Darkness”.

Engrossing from start to finish, Necrot have crafted a death metal masterpiece in “Blood Offerings” that looks reverently towards the genre’s past while casting its own deadly shadow for the future.

Necrot’s “Blood Offerings” is available now from Tankcrimes.



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