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The Saw is the Law.

The article which you are about to see is an account of the tragedy which befell one weird asshole, in particular Kevin Hawkey, co-founder of this website. It is all the more tragic in that he was young. But, had he lived a very, very long life, he could not have expected nor would he have wished to see as much of the mad and macabre as he was to see that day. For him, an idyllic winter afternoon of playing with action figures became a nightmare.

The events of that day were to lead to the discovery of one of the most horrifyingly realistic and chillingly accurate horror figures in all of Kevin’s toy collection, NECA’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 40th Anniversary Ultimate Leatherface.



Ever since I was a kid, Leatherface has definitely been my favorite celluloid slasher. While most horror nerds were geeking out over child molesting failed stand-up comedian Freddy Krueger, retarded mama’s boy super zombie Jason Vorhees, or Michael Myers, whose main personality traits are wearing a William Shatner mask and REALLY wanting to bang his sister (if that scares you please steer clear of any midnight screenings of the new Star Trek), I was firmly on Team Leatherface, a destructive battering ram of murderous id, totally devoid of any lazy supernatural crutches to worm his way out of plot holes. The original 1974 version of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is still one of the best ever, more effective for what it doesn’t show than what it does. The less said about any of the sequels, remakes or reboots the better, though that one that has Dennis Hopper chewing more scenery than the villainous cannibals in his crosshairs ever did human flesh isn’t without its charm.

Which brings us to the reason we’re here. Despite my affection for Leatherface and my life long Action Figure addiction I’ve never owned a single plastic version of the hulking, flesh eating Texan. Add to that the fact that LF was recently announced to be joining the cast of Mortal Kombat X, and I was definitely in need of a miniature version of the iconic cannibal to torment my Mezco MK Figure Collection. Enter NECA, who recently released a version in their premium window boxed “Ultimate” line. And it’s a good thing I passed over all those other releases over the years, because this, by a blood soaked Texas country mile, is the best ever made.




The “Ultimate” line takes legendary characters, some that the company may have tackled before, and adds super articulation, advanced paint and sculpting techniques, and packs them in beautifully designed five panel window boxes usually reserved for higher end (read: more expensive, though not necessarily deserving of said inflated cost) figures. Also included are every accessory one could possibly imagine. In LF’s case, the traditional NECA 7” scale figure sports an alternate “dinner party” head (featuring Texas Chainsaw Mascara), a nasty looking cleaver, hammer and meat hook, and of course his trusty chainsaw, painted, sculpted and scaled here better than any representation I’ve ever seen. Seriously, the old McFarlane Version looked like something out of Mad World.

Of course the real “meat” of the presentation is the figure itself, and he’s a brilliantly innovative piece of engineering. Layers of this rubber “clothes” rest over an articulated internal armature, giving us an accurately bulky figure with super articulation at no cost of sculptural detail. Leather sports ball joints at the neck, waist, hips, knees, wrists and ankles, more articulation than a fat mental patient would ever need, but the seamless freedom of the joints makes any pose whatsoever attainable, and has LF looking great stalking, stabbing, running, lunging and swinging. The figure is finished off with a beautifully painted soft goods apron sporting both fresh and washed out blood spatter. Sculpting and paint on the plastic and rubber bits are uniformly great, featuring a flesh toned material on the arms and faces, with the death masks layered over it for a lifelike effect, and extra added dirt and dried blood in appropriate spots to sell the illusion.


Overall I can’t recommend this figure enough. Whether joining up with his fellow, lesser classic horrors or in honor of his newfound fame as a fighting game Kombatant, NECA’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 40th Anniversary Ultimate Leatherface Figure (Ultra Turbo Champion Edition, see, he’s fitting right into the fighting game world) will look great on your shelf, desk, kitchen counter, church podium or small child’s bedroom.

Kevin Hawkey is the co-founder, head writer and editor of Riot-Nerd. He enjoys Fighting Games, Metal, Marvel, Horror and all the weird shit in between. A lifelong Philadelphian just as comfortable in a circle pit at Underground Arts as he is drooling over the new Hot Toys figures at Brave New Worlds, Kevin’s idiosyncratic sensibility gives this site it’s unique dichotomy between “riot” and “nerd”.

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