Review: Luxie Beauty Wonder Woman Face Brush Set

The Golden Lasso compels me to tell the truth about these brushes!

Happy New Years everyone! I know it’s that time where we move into 2018 and leave everything in 2017 behind. However, a great thing from 2017 was the film, Wonder Woman! So, I feel like it’s ok to bring her with us in the new year. Something I want to share and review is the Luxie Beauty’s Wonder Woman Face Brush Set. This brush set was in collaboration with the film and it retails for $95. Now, I know that is a lot of money; but with an influencer code( the influencer receives a commission on the sale) you can receive up to 25% off the price. I used an influencer code and purchased mine for $75. Also to be noted; that this collection came out last year, and it’s very likely it can go on sale to make way for new products. This brush set comes with 5 face brushes and a compact mirror. The compact mirror can be purchased separately and cost $35.  Luxie Beauty’s brushes are vegan and cruelty free. The set also comes in a reusable box and a cardboard holder for the brushes.

The 5 brushes that come in the Wonder Woman Face Brush set are: the 830 Flat Kabuki, 832 Beauty Buffer, 834 Angled Buffer, 836 Tapered Kabuki, and the 840 Fan Brush. These brushes have a weighted metal handle and feature the Wonder Woman symbol on them. The brushes in this set are made beautifully and feel expensive. The bristles are soft and densely packed. I saw no shedding after washing them a couple times. All these things indicate that the brushes are durable.

I found all the brushes worked like a dream! They blend out everything with easy; like how Wonder Woman takes down a tank. The flat kabuki is great for applying foundation; especially cushion foundations. It does not cause streaking and provided optimal coverage. The beauty buffer is a great multitasking brush. It can blend out foundation, powders, contouring products, dust away an baking you are doing and more. If they could sell one brush individually it would have to be this one. The angled brush I find is perfect for blush and bronzer. It really helps achieve that kind of airbrushed look. The tapered kabuki is your under eye best friend. Whether you use it for concealer, setting the area and baking; it does it all so seamlessly. Lastly, the fan brush; which is can be used for many thing but I find it works best for contour and applying powder highlight. However, the size of the fan brush can cause you to pick up too much product; so use a light hand.

The compact mirror is made to look like an shield. It’s also made of a weighted metal but with an antique gold color. The compact has two mirrors; one with a standard mirror and the other with a magnifying side. It’s a fine mirror but nothing new. The design is what really makes it special.

Is it worth the money? Yes for two reasons. The first reason is that the brushes are top quality. There is nothing cheap about them. They perform wonderfully and are every brush you would need to do your face makeup. I recommend them for the avid makeup lover and also a beginner. This face brush set is so user friendly and for a beginner you want something that’s going to make it easy for you to do your makeup. The second reason I say its worth it is because of collectability. The Wonder Woman Face Brush set is gorgeous to look at and is truly inspired by the film and beloved superhero. Walgreens about a year or more ago had a Wonder Woman collection and it was awful. Only thing Wonder Woman about it was that it has her face on it; that’s it. It was uninspired, bad quality and disappointing. This is collection is worthy of The Princess of the Amazons. Valentine’s Day is not too far away and if you have a nerdy makeup lover in your life, they will love it!

What I will say is that there are many other companies that sell quality brushes. Wet n Wild just released a new brush collection and you can find similar brushes in it but nothing exactly the same. They are also shiny and soft. So if the price tag is a big deal breaker, then check out the Wet n Wild ones. Also Real Technique and Eco Tools have great affordable brushes.

In Conclusion, if you love Wonder Woman and makeup then this is a set a great set to have. It is definitely an investment but one I feel you will not regret.

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