Review: Loki (Marvel Legends Thor: Ragnarok)


Just like most audiences are going to come out of Justice League this weekend needing an Irish Coffee and questioning their life choices, you KNOW you came out of Thor: Ragnarok wanting a Loki action figure, Tom Hiddleston’s rabble rousing half frost giant having arguably the most fun out of all the established characters in Taika Waititi’s soft reboot of the Thunder God’s Asgardian adventures. Aside from Sideshow and Hot Toys offerings large in both scale and price tag, the MCU iteration of Laufey’s son hasn’t had much in the way or decent collectible representation, save for, right off the top of my head (Research, what’s that?) a 6” version from the first Avengers film that had A. a terrible likeness, and was B. an impossible to find Wal Mart exclusive. Of course Hasbro’s mass market offerings fare much better in both quality and availability nowadays than they did in the Stone Age of 2012 so rejoice, the Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok line brings with it a new Loki for everyone, and aside from a few quirks, this God of mischief is mostly a keeper.

The first thing you’ll notice about T. Hids, here (look what you made me do) is the uncanny facial likeness, thanks to Hasbro’s fancy pants new 3D printing technology. From mostly every angle this is a dead ringer for Hiddleston’s Loki, even better from a pure likeness standpoint than the existing high end versions, but sometimes, every once in a while, and once you see it you will not unsee it, he looks like Darlene from Roseanne. The sculpt and paint of Loki’s godly garb looks almost as good, though with the benefit of writing this after the film is out, we can see that he’s juuuuuust *slightly* off model, his tunic obviously based more on concept art than the actual screen worn costume. Try turning it around (see the bottom pic) for a look less ostentatious and more… uh… low key.

So far so good, right? Well here’s where our frost giant turns into a monkey boy, with huge Babadook-esque arms with big, oversized claws where hands should be. Though initially off putting, I kinda started to dig the look while I was playing with this guy, the slinky, animalistic presence fitting his character just like the sort-of too buff, 90’s Star Wars Power of the Force jacked-ness fit the recent ML Star Lord and Daredevil. Articulation wise he’s got everything you’d need, especially given how much badass brawling Loki did in the film, and you can even recreate that awesome bit where Loki was beating Hela’s undead soldiers back with his helmet, because it is (unlike Thor’s) removable. His cape also detaches too, but unlike the modular joys of removing and replacing the various costume bits of the Thor figure, Loki looks pretty goofy without the cape on, and the cape pops off of his shoulders WAY too easily.

So we’ve got a fantastic likeness and great articulation on an off model and oddly proportioned body. This may not be a great figure but it’s still a good Loki, and if he had his daggers and normal sized hands to hold them he’d be a slam dunk even with the inaccurate uniform and Dhalsim arms. For the 25 to 30 dollars I’ve seen him going for at brick and mortar retail I wouldn’t touch him but for the 10 bucks he can be scored for online he’s definitely good enough, and gets even better when displayed with the rest of your 12th scale MCU.


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