Review – Hannibal – Season 3, Episode 2


Welcome to this week’s edition of The Will Graham Show, so named because our beloved titular gourmet chef of human flesh is almost nowhere to be found in this week’s episode. The fate of Will Graham and Abigal Hobbs is revealed (still no word on Jack or Alana), they’ve somehow survived last season’s bloodsoaked climax in Hannibal’s kitchen and after eight months of recovery are hot on the madman’s trail in Italy, with a little mixture of curiosity, revenge and stockholm syndrome to guide them.

Will runs afoul of the “polizia” almost immediately, the remains of Lecter’s short lived friend Tony balled up into a heart shape and propped up in a cathedral that Graham’s been frequenting. Our heroes then come face to face with Inspector Rinaldo Pazzi (Italian actor Fortunato Cerlino), Will initially believes himself to be a suspect but Pazzi knows better, he’s been chasing after “The Monster of Florence” for 20 years, a killer who rearranged and posed his victims’ bodies to replicate the Botichelli fresco “Primavera”. Rinaldo shows Will a picture of his prime suspect and guess who? It’s Hannibal.

Review – Hannibal – Season 3, Episode 2Worst Transformer ever.

Will returns to the crime scene to perform his “this is my design” routine and discovers Tony’s crumpled carcass to be a metaphor for Lecter’s own broken heart, but not before the scarred mass of tissue transforms into one of the series’ typical be-antlered apparitions and menaces him for a bit. Abigail returns just in time to snap him out of it and they have a short conversation about their shared super best bud in the world Hannibal before her neck opens up and begins to spew viscera like the elevators from The Shining. Yep, she was dead the whole time, a figment of Will’s imagination? A manifestation of his guilt over the role he played in her demise? Either way, you had to know she couldn’t survive having her throat slit by both biological and adoptive fathers, not physically or emotionally.

Hannibal is glimpsed in the church rafters admiring his work, Pazzi arrives on the scene and what follows is a tense chase through the subterranean catacombs, Lecter evading his pursuers every step of the way. Will offers forgiveness, Hannibal within earshot, relief washes over his face, almost akin to Han Solo’s “I Know” to Princess Leia’s “I love you”. Will TV’s favorite power couple fall back into each other’s murderous arms? We can only hope.

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