Review – Hannibal – S3, E7 “Digestivo”

"Play with your food, and you give it the ability to fight back."

While Hannibal (the show) begins its slow Saturday time slot death march, Hannibal (the character) is also finally cornered and apprehended, though he has chosen to give himself up, while the show (through interviews with creator Bryan Fuller) still refuses to officially breathe it’s last despite the continued flailing away from new content and towards the Blu-Ray and Streaming afterlife. But this episode certainly packed a lot of “funny, funny times” in before Lecter’s surrender, and we’d be remiss to skip over them.

We’re given the details of Hannibal and Will’s capture, indeed a result of Bedilia spilling the beans to Pazzi’s colleague, who shows up to snatch Hannibal before his saw finishes Will off for good. Both men are taken away to Verger, the Inspector leaving Jack to be murdered by his henchmen in a way that will make it look like Lecter was to blame, but not before Chiyoh blasts through them, too late for Will and Hannibal but just in time for Jack to give her their whereabouts in exchange for removing the IV from his neck.

“Welcome to Muskrat Farms” and right from the somewhat incoherent (even for this show) end of last episode and into the meat (no pun intended) of this one. Verger’s plans to slowly eat Hannibal are well underway, now with the added bonus that he’ll be wearing Will’s face while he does it. Turns out that Mason’s right hand Cordell is not only an excellent man cook but a face transplant surgeon as well. What can’t the man do? Live through this episode, that’s what. Mason’s greatest act of cruelty is his final one, making his sister Margot believe her eggs are currently incubating in a surrogate somewhere on the grounds, only to find out that the baby is stillborn and the surrogate is a pig. Vengeance is then the order of the day, as Margot and Alana set Hannibal free and after Verger.

Review – Hannibal – S3, E7 “Digestivo”

Mason awakens after surgery with a new face but not the one he expected, Cordell’s death mask slipping off with a trail of gore and Hannibal and Will long gone, Chiyoh covering their escape as shots ring out and into Verger’s guards from the darkness. Mason is confronted by Alana and Margot, who reveal that Hannibal helped them stimulate his prostate with a cattle prod while he was under for the surgery, producing a sperm sample for a perspective heir to the Verger fortune, Margot having no further reason to suffer his abuse for financial security. Mason attacks but is overpowered, and in the skirmish he is pecked and suffocated to death by his own prized giant eel.

Graham and Lecter escape safely back to Will’s house. The Doctor tries to connect once more with the Profiler but Will resists. “I miss my dogs but I won’t miss you”. When Jack arrives shortly thereafter with an FBI detail Will first assumes that Hannibal is gone, though he emerges from the darkness and surrenders, his true motives a mystery to everyone but himself. Chiyoh witnessing the events from afar, lowers her rifle and disappears back into the darkness herself.

Thus ends the first arc of Hannibal’s final season and next week will begin the creative team’s highly touted adaptation of “Red Dragon”. Yes it’s been repeated endlessly but I’ll chime in myself, it’s a goddamned sin that a show this brilliant is being cancelled in the first place, let alone having its remaining episodes burned off on summer Saturdays. But at least they’re actually airing the final 6 episodes and not making us wait months for a Blu-Ray release or something similar, so I guess that’s a fair consolation. Here’s that extended Comic Con Trailer for the rest of the season in case you missed it:




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