Review – Hannibal: S3, E6 “Dolce”

Now we both have the opportunity to chew quite literally what we've only chewed figuratively...
Mason Verger’s clutches tighten around our titular cannibal this week, and Will too, unexpectedly, the result of another crooked Italian Inspector on the Verger payroll, and guided by information from a heroin addicted Bedilia.

She and Lecter had previously parted ways surprisingly amicably, with the doctor promising not to implicate her in his misdeeds upon his seemingly inevitable capture. Resorting to the needle, she’s in no shape to continue the charade when Will and Jack, reunited at the site of Pazzi’s hanging, come calling, and even less so under the scrutiny of Chiyoh, and then the previously mentioned Inspector.

Back in Verger-town Mason and his manservant continue the plans for Hannibal’s comeuppance, and are none too pleased at Pazzi’s fate. Mason also regrets neutering his sister Margot, wishing he himself could go full Lannister and father a child with her. Little does he know that she and Alana (now in full hench-woman mode, rocking a cleavage bearing leisure suit to go with her gold handled cane that makes her look like a cross between Tommy Lee Jones’ Two-Face and a villain from a Roger Moore Bond Film) have become something of an item, in a lesbian kaleidoscope of a sex scene that I felt like I needed an aspirin after watching.

Will and Hannibal reunite at the site of the Botichelli he was so fond of in his younger days and have a Full House moment about their connection to one another. Upon leaving Will is shot in the shoulder, Chiyoh in full Sniper Wolf mode, forever and always in Hannibal’s employ, and when he awakens he is seated at a dinner table and being fattened up by the doctor for the meal to come.

Jack arrives on the scene, again far too late, and has his achillies tendon slashed for his trouble, joining the feast. Hannibal produces a small electric saw and begins to work his way into Will’s skull in a scene that only this show could make beautiful, the blood spatters flying and reflecting off of each other, the dinner guests and the master chef himself. Fade to black.

A refrigerated truck. Pigs hanging from the ceiling. Will and Hannibal hang with them as Mason smugly slides open the door. Advantage: Verger. We’re almost at the halfway mark for this uneven but always fascinating season and with the actors’ contracts expired and Amazon and Netflix passing on the series this looks to sadly be all the Hannibal we get. I’m sure what’s to come will be more than satisfying though, and even though true Fannibals can’t help but want a second helping, we’ll all be nice and full.


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