Review – Hannibal, S3, E4: Aperitivo

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours.”

After we’re treated to an exquisitely detailed recreation of his being shot in the face by Miriam Lass, Dr Chilton returns to Hannibal (now with 90% less Hannibal!) this week, looking for allies in his anti-Lecter crusade and coming up short after visits with Mason Verger (now played by Joe Anderson replacing notorious douchnozzle Michael Pitt, though the somewhat annoying faux-Joker voice remains), Will and Alana. Yes Alana Bloom survives the season 2 finale massacre as well, giving Lecter’s supposed kill crazy rampage a dictinct lack of actual killing, aside from Abigail of course, who we now learn wasn’t at Will’s hospital bedside at all, it was Chilton. This episode employs a lot of Tarantino-esque time hopping, remaining stateside with Hannibal’s victims and leaving us wanting for more of Hannibal’s Italian and Will’s Lithuanian adventures. Alana, now embittered after her brush with Hannibal inflected death completes a long road to recovery and finds herself in the company of Verger, interviewing to be his psychiatrist after his rejection of the revenge minded Chilton. Verger claims to have found redemption in faith, no longer seeking vengeance against Lecter. Bloom doesn’t buy it, for him or herself.


“Wanna know how I got these scars?”

Jack Crawford’s recovery is explored as well. He questions Will’s motives and loyalty to Hannibal and comes up empty for clear answers, but finds comfort at Graham’s side after his wife’s inevitable passing, though they both puzzle at the sympathy card sent by none other than Lecter himself, apparently still capable of some humanity. We re-join Mason Joker being attended to by his caretaker Cordell (Glenn Fleshler, no stranger to giant creepy guy roles in The Following, Boardwalk Empire and True Detective) and discussing his plans to “eat Hannibal alive”, forgiveness not being “all it’s cracked up to be” indeed. Alana arrives to reveal her theory that Lecter has retreated to Europe, he can change his name but not his tastes. Jack attempts to visit with Will again and finds his home empty except for Alana and his dogs, Will, as we know, having followed after Hannibal to Florence, accompanied only by Abigail’s apparition and his curious devotion to the dangerous doctor.



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