Review – Hannibal – S3, E12 “The Number of the Beast is 666”

“Could he daily feel a stab of hunger for you and find nourishment at the very sight of you?”

Business picks up considerably this week during Hannibal’s sadly penultimate chapter.

Still reeling from last week’s attack on his family at the hands of the Red Dragon, Will convinces Jack to use Freddie Lounds to goad the Dragon out of hiding, creating a slanderous and insulting profile of Dolarhyde for her tabloid and involving Dr. Fredrick Chilton as well, complete with a photo of Chilton and Graham smiling together on the front cover. The plan works all too well but instead of going after Will like he and Jack had hoped (and heavily prepared for), the Dragon targets Chilton, kidnapping the doctor and gluing him to a wheelchair in his lair. After revealing all his demented secrets as Frederick looks on in terror, the Dragon dons his sharpened teeth and bites off Chilton’s lips, lighting him ablaze and sending him on his way.

Chilton survives the encounter but just barely, and fully blames Will and Jack for “setting him up” when they visit him in the hospital, though he does reveal the existence of Reba to them, having glimpsed the Dragon’s confidant during his ordeal. Meanwhile Chilton’s lips are mailed to Hannibal and he manages to eat one before Alana confiscates the other, along with a video message the Dragon forced Chilton to record where he vows to snap Will’s spine. The FBI are closing in but not before the Dragon kidnaps Rita, confessing himself to her as the one responsible for the “Tooth Fairy” murders, but stops her before she can utter the hated slur. These people were not murdered but “changed” by a “remarkable event”, visited upon by a “being” known only as the “Dragon”.

Just one hour left in Bryan Fuller’s remarkable, violent and strange odyssey. Hannibal was too beautiful to live but is it too evil to die? Continuing on as a series is all but an impossibility but seeing these actors return to these characters in a feature or miniseries would be a treat indeed. For this chapter of its existence all we have to do is wait and see if Hannibal can stick next week’s landing, and I have every confidence that it will.

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