Review – Hannibal S3, E11 “And The Beast From The Sea”

"Save yourself, kill them all..."
Hannibal goes into full mustache twirling villain mode this week, pointing his telephone buddy Francis towards Will’s family, and even giving them his address. Will’s wife Molly gets the drop on Dolarhyde though, after a tense game of cat and mouse in their rural home she and her son Walter escape nearly unscathed, only with a bullet grazing her neck in the altercation.

Upon Will’s arrival at the hospital he finds out that Walter has been reading Freddie Lounds’ articles about his past, and has to “justify himself to an eleven year old.” Ouch. Molly awakens and blames herself (and Jack) but not Will for the situation, she having urged him to rejoin the FBI in pursuit of the Tooth Fairy, knowing the risks. He tells her the whole story, and she claims to have known it was Hannibal all along.

Back in Francis-land he contacts Lecter for further guidance, after breaking up with Ruby and failing to eliminate Will’s family, not knowing that Jack and Alana have the phone tapped. Hannibal spills the beans and loses his books, art, and even toilet, placed into the iconic straitjacket, stretcher and face mask made famous by the Anthony Hopkins adaptations.

Will returns to Hannibal to find him gloating about giving Graham’s new family to the Dragon, though both come to the realization that Dolarhyde doesn’t see himself as a murderer, he believes he’s changing his victims, for the better.

This episode was a big improvement over the last few, and with Dolarhyde in the open and on the run things can only get more tense from here. Two more episodes to go until Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal goes to that big cannibal’s stomach in the sky. With Mads Mikkelsen cast in one of the new Star Wars films and Hugh Dancy top lining his own new Hulu project, any future for this series is well and truly dead.

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