Review: Haan – Sing Praises

“My skin feels like a prison, a casket carved from flesh…”

NYC noise metallers Haan kick down the door fast and early on “Sing Praises”, heavy sludge bonafides on display from the first second, though the adaptability present in the back half of this EP exhibit a talent and staying power that hopefully serves the hard hitting quartet well for years to come

Opener “The Cutting” stomps to life with distorted riffs and fuzzy bass in a tug of war with screeching feedback, vocalist Chuck Berrett orchestrating a deranged attack like a cross between Whores leader Christian Lembach and punk legend Jello Biafra. Christopher Enriquez rains down drum armageddon before things slow to a foreboding crawl, another madcap tirade from Berrett before the dangerously earworm-y chorus blasts back in.

“Shake The Meat” rolls in swinging, tribal, primal drumming ignite the extremely catchy push and pull of guitarist Jordan Melkin and bassist Dave Maffel. Berrett assaults with his most murderous salvo yet, spiraling out of control right along with the deafeningly headbang worthy loop of crunch and feedback.


It’s with “War Dance” and epic 8 minute closer “Pasture/Abuela” that Haan travel into unexpected territory. Danzig-ish doom, daresay goth dirges, but for no lack of crushing heaviness and slinking nihilism. Wrapping things up with more fast paced bangers would’ve been fine by me, but Haan impresses even more with this deft 180 into the operatic, almost Type O Negative-esque. “A plague upon the children, a hunt upon the beasts”.

With Fight Amp almost but a memory and Red Fang leaning away from stoner metal and more towards Queens of the Stone Age-ish stoner rock, Haan’s sublimely weird and brutally heavy cocktail of hardcore, metal, sludge and doom is as surprising as it is refreshing and satisfying.

Sing Praises” is available now.


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