Review: Gladiator Thor (Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok)

“Fight the horde… sing and cry…”

Thor is back, y’all. After sitting out Civil War, the Odinson (and the Hulk!) return early next month in Thor: Ragnarok. Set to be a more retro inclined, sort of swashbuckling science fiction-y adventure in the Guardians of the Galaxy mold, Ragnarok is largely seen as a course correction for those that didn’t care for Thor’s previous solo outings (not us, we love those movies) from What We Do In The Shadows director Taika Waititi. A new MCU flick means a new series of Hasbro’s deathless litany of 6 inch scale Marvel Legends and we’ve got our hands on the flagship figure from the lineup, the thunder god himself, here done up in his unworthy, Mjolnir-less, Planet Hulk inspired Gladiator gear.

Chris Hemsworth is a tall drink of water and this Thor’s height follows suit, towering over most 1/12th scale figures as he should. The most initially noticeable thing about this design is the cobalt blue, war painted armor and Hasbro recreates the look flawlessly, right down to his almost glowing pair of swords. Fans have been clamoring for Thor to once again don a helmet ever since the first film and here it is (though sadly not removable), and it matches the rest of his outfit nicely. The only issue is the “wings” on the sides (and the swords too, unfortunately) come out of the package a bit warped due to the thin, rubbery plastic they’re made from. A minor annoyance, but an annoyance none the less.

Overall sculpt and paint are exactly up to the standard you would expect from the modern Hasbro Legends, the various differences between the textures of his boots, straps, belts and armor particularly impressive, with the articulation following right behind, aside from his strange “side-to-side” wrist movement leaving his arms looking somewhat stumpy in certain poses. Other than that he moves beautifully though, with none of his costume adornments getting in the way of his trademark ML super articulation.

I was initially kind of disappointed by this figure, his gangly legs and stumpy arms making it hard to find cool poses for him, but working with him a bit more I came to appreciate what Hasbro was going for with the design. Probably my favorite overall aspect is how modular he is. Though, again, the helmet is permanently stuck to Thor’s gulliver, his Boba Fett-style capelet, the strap across his chest and the shin armor are all removable to mix and match your own perfectly badass Thor. Add in the fact that this package includes both the head and helmet of this series’ Hulk build-a-figure, and you not only have a great piece to celebrate the release of Ragnarok, but one of the most solid recent Hasbro offerings, free of the sculpt re-use, weak paint apps and anemic accessory counts that some time plague their releases. Highly recommended.

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