Review: Gatecreeper – Sweltering Madness

“…bare bones, no bullshit death metal at its finest…”

Seething with a restless energy and boundless capacity for bare bones, no bullshit death metal at its finest, Arizona’s Gatecreeper return with another dose of roughhewn brutality on “Sweltering Madness”, two brand new tracks that see the desert dwelling death dealers leaning hard into the doomier, sludgier aspects of 2016’s near-flawless “Sonoran Depravation”.

Lead track “Sweltering Madness” is harsh and foreboding, vocalist Chase Mason employing a rawer, drier style here as a tempest of speed picking and double bass rages behind him. “Mastery of Power” may be even better, a driving, plodding head banger with an extremely catchy lead. These tracks are longer that those found on “SD” but keep the experience fresh throughout with extremely interesting tempo changes and vocal patterns that reward repeat listens. This EP may only be about 9 minutes long, but that hasn’t stopped me from listening to the damned thing all day, and it’s left me frothing at the mouth for the next long playing attack from a band that’s future is as bright as it’s sound is pitch black.

Sweltering Madness” is available now from Closed Casket Activities and Gatecreeper will be at The TLA on 11/30 with Power Trip and Cannibal Corpse.



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