Review – Game of Thrones – Season 5, Episode 4

It's Fighting Season in Meereen...

GoT kicks into high gear this week with crazy shit happening all over the place. The Sparrows continue their Cersei approved war on King’s Landing’s sexual deviants, including locking notorious fancy boy Loras Tyrell in a dungeon. His sister Margery is understandably upset but Tommen’s protests to his mother fall on deaf ears, and he doesn’t have the cojones to fight the Sparrows head on. Cersei hears you, Cersei don’t care.

Meanwhile at The Wall, Stannis plays what must be his Hail Mary by trying to have Melisandre seduce Jon Snow. He, knowing nothing, of course resists, his heart still belonging to annoying (and dead) ass Ygrette. All while Stannis and his daughter have a tender Full House moment. I’d watch Stannis’ Full House. A house full of slutty witches.

Tales of Stannis’ awesomeness are also overheard in Winterfell as Littlefinger, heading back to King’s Landing at Cersei’s behest, tries to reassure Sansa that she’s not quite as fucked as it seems, as long as Stannis comes to overthrow the Boltons one of these days…

Jamie and Bronn’s road movie comedy extravaganza finally rolls into Dorne, bringing murder, hi jinx and threats from sexy female assassins along with it. This subplot should’ve gotten it’s own spinoff.

Meanwhile, Jorah Mormont hijacks a boat and Tyrion wakes up just in time to guess his whole plan to get back into Daenerys’ good graces. Too bad Tyrion was headed there anyway. Advantage: Tyrion! Well, except for the fact that Jorah has no wine.

And finally, the shit show Meereen has been all season gets even shittier, with the Sons of the Harpy bringing their open hostilities against the Unsullied into the streets and Grey Worm and Barristan Selmy heroically losing their lives in the ensuing epic battle. Advantage: Jorah? It looks like Dany’s gonna have some positions to fill…

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