Review – Game of Thrones – Season 5, Episode 3

"The North remembers..."

Business begins to pick up this week in Winterfell after slow goings in the last installment, starting with Jon Snow wasting no time settling in as Lord Commander of The Night’s Watch. Janos Slynt’s continued insubordination costs him his head, while Stannis (the coolest cat you know) nods his in approval. Let this be a lesson to any other naysayers, this Snow is cold as ice.

Littlefinger finally reveals his endgame, delivering Sansa to the hated Boltons at Winterfell to be married to Ramsay, who we’ll all remember from last season as Theon’s experimental urologist. He’s still hanging around too, looking just as bewildered and abused as Sansa.

Speaking of arranged marriages, Margery and Tommen tie the knot without incident, I guess that’s why this wedding doesn’t have a gross, murder-y color associated with it. Tommen seems pretty happy about the situation, but Margery’s just playing the “game”. Cersei’s her usual miserable self, supporting the Sparrow’s in their humiliation of The High Septon, ulterior motives of course motivating her new high and mighty attitude.

And lastly, Jorah Mormont, returns! Kidnapping Tyrion, claiming he’ll be delivered to the “Queen”. But does he mean Margery, Cersei or Daenerys?

No sign of Daenerys herself this week but that’s probably for the best given what a slog her scenes have been this season so far, we sadly also go without checking in on Jamie and Bronn, which will only give us more to look forward to as this season rolls on, along with whether or not Arya’s ninja training will ever amount to anything. Hopefully yes?


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