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We here at love our strong female protagonists (we have a dog named Ripley, after all) and they don’t come much stronger than hardcore intergalactic bounty huntress Samus Aran of Nintendo’s long lived Metroid series. Samus is one of my favorite characters to use in Super Smash Bros so I was initially interested in picking up her Amiibo figure, but I wasn’t terribly excited about what those had to offer in the way of in-game activities and I’ve always been a big articulation junkie. Therefore, I decided instead to dip my toe into the water of the popular Japanese Figma series of super-articulated 1/12th scale action figures, and Samus seemed like a great place to start.


Ready for battle.


Samus comes to Earth in a colorful cardboard window box featuring artwork from METROID Other M. The 2010 Wii iteration of the game wasn’t terribly popular with fans but Samus’ look hasn’t changed much over the years, and this is the specific armor seen in the recent 3DS and WiiU Smash Bros. games, so it’s perfect for our purposes. The collector friendly plastic tray slides out and opens easily, including 4 alternate hands, an interchangeable open tip for her blaster, 2 different laser blast effects, and the Morph Ball that Samus transforms into to navigate tight spaces. Also packed in is an awesome clear adjustable stand to allow for plenty of badass jumping, diving and leaping poses.



The familiar Morph Ball, which also has a hole for the stand to plug into.


The figure itself has an astounding presence, and feels great in hand. The metallic paint is absolutely stunning and catches natural light wonderfully. My copy has a few small scuffs on the left thigh but the overall effect is still mesmerizing. Articulation is everything you would expect and more, with excellently ranged balljoints in the ankles and lower chest offering spectacular freedom and personality in the amount of nearly infinite available poses. Hands and effect parts swap out easily, stay in place sturdily and look great and natural from every angle. And the included trademark Figma stand is just icing on the cake, making what the figure is capable of only limited by your own imagination.



The shoulder and elbow joints are more than strong enough to support the weight of the effect  parts without any worry of drooping or bending over the long term.


Samus has been out for a while but she’s been re-released a few times and is easy to come by for around $40.00. Definitely worth every penny. Samus is an excellent foil for the popular SH Figuarts Mario, and a more satisfying figure than he is overall. I’m officially a Figma fan now and I’ll probably be picking up the Link from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and maybe even the Lucario from Pokemon for my ever-growing miniature Smash Bros. display.



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