Review – Fight Amp – Constantly Off

“With my nails unkempt and frail I carve my name and claim what no one else will”

The sleeping giant awakens with a distorted growl, becoming even further distorted before roaring back to life with pounding drums and vocals tortured and strained, a tale of Stockholm syndrome and symbiotic victimization. Welcome to Constantly Off, the latest release from Philadelphia noise rock institution Fight Amputation. The brevity of the release’s sextet of tracks, clocking in at just over 18 minutes, is the only respite offered from their punishing sludge punk attack, but given the catchiness and replay-ability of the entire record, it hardly matters.

Opener Ex-Everything is followed up by Survival Is Strange, which ups the tempo but loses none of the earth shattering heaviness. Leveling In A Dream comes next with a slow build of tar soaked riffs that explodes around the minute mark. Favorite lyric: “And every hand that I shake will come away looking red”. The drums lead the way on the back half of the record with You Don’t Want To Live Forever, giving way to a rollicking stop/start riff over agonizing screams segueing into a soaring clean sung chorus. I Percieve Reploids is a bass heavy slow burner with a squealing riff and an aching wail to match, and album closer Happy Joyful Life brings the whole enterprise crashing down in appropriately epic fashion, growing ever faster as it abruptly ends.. “The heat is relentless and the streets are endless”.

I have to admit to being pretty embarrassed about only recently discovering Fight Amp, especially given their local pedigree. In an industry full of mean mugging pretenders it’s truly refreshing to find something this truly heavy and nihilistic without an ounce of bullshit posturing behind it. I’ll be voraciously devouring their back catalog and greatly anticipating what they do next.

Constantly Off is available now via Brutal Panda Records, and they’ll be paying Underground Arts with Eyehategod on September 9th.


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