Review: Dying to Kill

"True inspiration demands flesh..."

Stand-up comedian Dwayne Perkins stars in this feature-length comedy/horror release on Hulu this week, via Comedy Dynamics.

Perkins plays Schafer Jones, a nice guy, husband, father and comedian who just wanted his big break. It never came and he’s come to terms with the fact that he’ll just be telling jokes in half empty clubs for the rest of his life. Though he has some faithful fans, including his manager/BFF and his wife, it’s breaking everyone’s hearts to see Shafer as the bad joke of the comedy scene.

In an age where things go viral, Schafer’s rage on a heckler in the audience becomes the talk of the internet. Silver lining- this is what Schafer needed! This random outburst could be the way to get his career rolling! His manager begins to shoot a documentary on Schafer’s possible comeback, which features some great cameos- Retta, Randall Park, Jason and Randy Sklar. It’s a very talented cast, including Lynn Chen as Schafer’s wife Tracy (hope to see more of Chen in the future).

Aww, great story, huh? No! Things can just never finally work out right! In the midst of this documentary, Schafer is abducted. He now has four chances to make his captors laugh…or else. So what happens? This is the time of the year to relax, take a snow day, and get caught up on your long list of streaming content.

Fans of campy horror flicks will appreciate it. Documentaries (and mockumentaries) are all the rage right now. So are stand-up specials. Personally, I could watch them all day. But, while you’re with your family next week and spending more time picking a movie than actually watching one, just stop. Dying to Kill works for everyone. This movie is the perfect blend of fantasy and reality, horror and comedy.

The plot is not a far-fetched concept at all- it could happen. Your favorite comedian could be kidnapped after their next set! There’s a scary thought to ponder while watching Dying to Kill with your loved ones this holiday season!

This twisted movie was conceived by screenwriter, novelist and producer Koji Steven Sakai and Dwayne Perkins himself. It also marks the feature directorial debut of award-winning filmmaker Raymond C. Lai (At Your Convenience). Dying to Kill was also an official selection at the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival.

Dying to Kill is now available on Hulu and other streaming platforms.

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