Review: Dull Knives – Self Audit

“Your current whereabouts, right where you left them…”

From the same toxic Delaware River sludge that birthed Philly noise favorites Bardus, Creepoid and Fight Amp comes locally bred quintet Dull Knives, hitting hard and fast with a new handful of songs unleashed late last month, their new EP Self-Audit.

FA’s style calls to mind a Cancer Bats slathered with an extra layer of gritty garage grime, layering dueling buzzsaw guitar dynamics over the raw rasp of vocalist Larry Wiechecki. Catchy and crusty in equal measure, rocket propelled by Kenny Madden’s whirlwind of rolls and fills, Self-Audit’s breakneck stompers are heavy enough to overpower and pummel but smart enough not to wear out their welcome, two minute hardcore punk masterpieces that ebb and flow uniquely, powered by Wiechecki’s unorthodox sarcasm.

Just like last year’s Other People’s Lives, Self-Audit is but a bite size (though thoroughly satisfying) chunk of what these hometown heroes are capable of and the bright future ahead. I’d love to hear these guys fully let loose on an LP and can’t wait to catch them live.

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