Review: The Drip – The Haunting Fear of Inevitibility

“Set the altar, draw the shapes…”

Like the world’s loudest, angriest jackhammer operator, The Drip pound through the eardrums with Blackest Evocation, the first track off of their brand new release, their first full length LP, ” The Haunting Fear of Inevitibility “, signaling early on that 2017 will continue 2016’s streak of being outstanding for aggressive music and little else. The Drip officially bill their attack as “grindcore” but as with any good extreme metallers worth their salt nowadays, the aural violence on offer here ticks all the awesome headbanging boxes. Grind, thrash and low fi death metal inform the band’s blackened, doomy, crusty take on deafening old school east coast hardcore. Vallenfyre’s “Splinters” is probably the last time I was so impressed with a band’s brilliant ability to effortlessly self-edit their subgenre alchemy but ” The Haunting Fear of Inevitibility “may best even that modern classic.

Is there such a thing as spoilers for a record? I feel like I don’t want to say too much about “The Haunting Fear of Inevitibility ” and undersell one of its many detours and diversions from the well beaten grind path. Be it the super crunchy noise rock basslines and hypnotically spiraling psychedelic riffage on Wretches, the sprawling, melodic interludes on the otherwise punishing Painted Ram or Consigned To Fate‘s thrashing mosh along d-beat extended instrumental intro.

Which isn’t to sell the band’s traditional grind bonafides short. The Drip boasts a double pronged vocal attack over some of the tightest, most pin point accurate, blazingly fast yet instantly catchy instrumentation I’ve heard in the genre in some time, though nowhere near overly polished as to sound inorganic, recorded with sleek, no nonsense efficiency under the deft hand of Toxic Holocaust’s Joel Grind. The Drip could just go on auto pilot and create a monster of a record but their constant left turns into the unexpected are as surprising as they are satisfying.

The Haunting Fear of Inevitibility” is available this Friday 1/13 on Relapse.



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