Review – Die Choking – III

“Before the Earth and after the Earth…”

After dropping two EPs in the space of a single year in 2014, Philly powerviolence power trio Die Choking have returned to unleash their third release, a gloriously full length LP this time, aptly titled ‘III”

Clocking in at just under 14 minutes of blinding intensity, it’s longest track being the one minute and thirty six second album closer XXI – Telos, DC’s manic attack on “III” takes the best aspects of crust punk, grindcore and thrash metal and smashes them down your throat until they start popping out of your nose and ears, in a good way! Not content with the usual grindcore blastbeats and downtuned speed picking (not that there’s anything wrong with that), Die Choking applies punk’s speed and tenacity to a full-on earth cratering brutal death assault, the results being as unsettling as they are addicting.

Like a dump truck full of belt sanders lead track XI Millirem pounds onto the scene with buzzsaw guitars, and impressively alternating wails and growls, setting the stage for a record that plays out like an encyclopedia of aggressive music, from the apocalyptic death metal vistas laid out  XIV – Bastard of Hyperion to the tornado of punk riffs on VVII – Shake My Hand, Bow Down & Die. Aforementioned denouement XXI – Telos, strikes the end with more visions of armageddon backed by an epic, power metal lead bringing to mind Metallica classic Creeping Death.

These guys can seemingly do it all (except slow down, not that anybody would want them to), and hopefully they’ll be doing it for a long time.

Die Choking’s “III” is currently available.

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