Review: Cargo Cosmetics x Star Wars-The Light Side Eyeshadow Palette

I find your lack of specialness disturbing.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hit theaters December 15; with people having many opinions about the film. (Make sure to checkout Riot Nerd’s Kevin’s Review.) Still, a cultural phenomenon like Star Wars; is going to have a tons of merchandise to promote the film. One of the newest ways studios have been marketing their films is by utilizing the beauty industry. Star Wars is no stranger to this strategy; I recall their collab with the beauty industry for the Phantom Menace. They also released a collection with Cover Girl for The Force Awakens.  This year, Cargo Cosmetics,  has joined forces with the cult franchise. The Cargo X Star Wars Collection features: 2 eyeshadow palettes, 2 mascaras, 4 compact mirrors, a nail polish set and 3 liquid eyeliners. You can purchase the collection on Cargo’s website or at Kohl’s.

As a Star Wars fan and a makeup enthusiast, I purchased The Cargo X Star Wars 8 Well Eyeshadow Palette- The Light Side.  This palette retails for $28; however, I purchased mine on Kohl’s and got a discount. The Light Side palette is 8, everyday neutral shades inspired by the light side of the force.

I picked this palette over the Dark Side palette, because it felt appropriate for day to day use. Which is very true; the colors are not loud, over the top, or impactful. It’s a good palette for the Star Wars fan who works, or prefers a simple look. I’d also recommend it for someone just starting out in makeup.

Unfortunately it’s simplicity, is also its downfall. If you are an avid makeup user, you probably have a million and one palettes just like it; or better. The pigmentation is there but it’s not the best.  The formula is very soft and has a lot of kick back. The color can be built up but it benefits from a tacky eyeshadow primer; I recommend Wet n Wild’s primer.

Star Wars is special and this palette that is suppose to be inspired by it; isn’t. Then again, the Light Side of the force is suppose to be modest and simple. So points for executing the theme. Also, the eyeshadows do not have names; just numbers. This is a minor issue but would it have killed them to name the orange shade Tatooine? Or the champagne shade Padme? If you removed the Star Wars packaging(which I really like), it would be any neutral palette.

Overall, the Cargo x Star Wars 8 Well Eyeshadow Palette- The Light Side is just ok. It will give you a very easy eye look and it user friendly. However, it is uninspired and a marketing strategy to target  women(though makeup is for everyone) who love Star Wars. If you collected the other Star Wars makeup collections then you may want something from this collection. It would also be a good gift for a makeup beginner who also like Star Wars. Yet, anyone who has more experience with makeup will find it lackluster.

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